Sunday, January 5, 2014

What does a chunky Ninja eat you ask?

This is a picture preview of a weeks worth of food.  

I have to mention - when he is feeling well (he is finally in the serious teething stages- no es bueno), it is typically MORE than this.  I just keep hoping that he will always be a good eater and like all the healthy options we are providing.  So many articles and people mention their kiddos hitting a point where they become picky. Like I said, until then I keep my fingers crossed ;)


Clearly we have become Whole Foods' best customer since we started feeding O real food.  Granted, we have always shopped there, but never in this capacity.  I also have to give a shout out to Tony's Market they have the best customer service and fish department (O loves his fresh fish- right now his most fav is the Chilean Sea Bass)!!

We keep the following daily chart of what he eats and does throughout the day.  I believe it is so important to SEE and know how much they are eating- this is the same for the sleep schedule too.

Here is an example of what he ate today:

Breakfast:  1 egg & 1 egg white with whole milk, 4 banana slices & 4 avocado slices (no rhyme or reason in the number of slices - this is the number he chose to eat.  I think I sliced 8 & 8-  perk to what he doesn't eat, we eat).
Lunch:  left over Cod from last nights dinner, Thailand Organic Plum Pouch, 2 slices of avocado, 2 apple slices, mango & sweet potato puffs and quite a few sweet potato snacks (these are organic sweet potatoes that I slice and dice with olive oil, very little sea salt & ground pepper) and throw in the oven- such a fun treat and snack, he loves them).
Mid-day snack:  Apple, Banana, Mango & Cinnamon packet, orange slices (didn't count- it turned into a long day) and one Ella's teething cookies.
Dinner:  Steamed Wild Grouper with sweet potato snacks.

His total formula/whole milk mix was 22 ounces for the day.

Fresh Organic Beef Stew is on the menu for tomorrow.  Phew!  I have never chopped so much in my life (ISABEL, HALP)!  haha  Really though, it is so worth it.

Here is a big cheers to this little almost one year old eating it up even more once he has teeth (yes, he eats all of this and has no teeth).  By the way - this teething thing is no joke.  Awful!  TBC on that one.


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