Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 2 in pics & stuff...

Today was a cold, snowy day in Denver.  This equals boring for O.  I am glad we were able to get out yesterday and enjoy the 55 degree sun.  

His teeth seem to really be bothering him this evening, so- organic sugar free Popsicle, "Surf's Up" and a eucalyptus steam bath are on the treat menu.  Dinner menu is grilled steak bites, homemade beef & veggie stew and pesto tortellini.

Enjoying the "treat" part of the night!

Surf's Up!  

PS-  At his one year check up with Dr. Bryan, O weighs 26 pounds and is 31 inches long.  Not a small child at all.  haha  


  1. Cute stuff! My boy is a big one too. At his 9mo appt., he was 26.5 lbs. Cant remember height, but it was at least 30 in. ;)

  2. Yes! Your dude is also no small chop! I love it and all the food pictures you have posted!!! ;)