Friday, January 24, 2014

Bah-bye bottle & other stuff

1/18/14:  we said good bye to formula, bottle warmer and the bottle.

Two weeks leading up to this we started to cut back the amount of formula he was getting along with the time we would warm the bottle.  No need to sugar coat, things were not as smooth as I would have anticipated at first.  I did a lot of reading and learned about the differences in texture and taste in formula versus whole milk.  So, we took our time.

We entered this particular morning with caution and a level of fear.  
After all, it changes things....  The simple, real things it changes is that cuddly time spent on the couch or comfy chair just chilling out.  It changes the time you have before it is time to get your ass in gear and make sure his food is ready (in our case just about everything is made fresh).  It changes measuring the milk unless you buy all sippy cups that have the ounces on the side (not doing that).  I could list many more, but this is the just of it....

Much to my surprise Owen transitioned with ease.  Hot damn, I should have done this 3 months ago!  Little shit refused anything cold before now but, cold milk in a sippy-  Yay!  High fives all around.

We also started supplementing Vitamin D drops and Pro-biotic.

I was stressed at first about the amount of milk he was getting per feeding, but after discussing this with Dr. Bryan, he set our minds at ease.  We agree with him and aren't huge milk pushers.  We can make sure he gets the vitamin D through the drops and calcium by integrating some cheese.  Luckily he already gets plenty of the other proteins and nutrients he needs from the food he eats.

In the meantime he is standing, dancing & chatting (babble-yes) like a champ.  No forward walking movement on his own, but he will walk with your help.

Hallelujah!  He almost has 2 teeth on the bottom!  Wish I could get a pic, but he wont let us get too close.  haha

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