Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 4 in pics & stuff...

Today was a productive and beautiful day all around!  

O and I spent the morning together eating, playing and babbling...  I think his first word may be DOG.  
Right now is seems comforting that it wont be F***!  ;)

However, it is a tad troublesome his "dog" kind of sounds like "cock" sometimes.... true story.  I will currently blame it on the fact his sippy cups need to be straw cups...  Apparently in the speech therapy world this is why he is talking Mike Tyson-ish.  Getting straw cups stat!  

O got a special delivery from Miami today-  fun hats!  He had just gotten home from chillin' with his friend Freddy, so tomorrow we will play more.  Thank you Mariam!

Ok, nigh nigh!  

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