Sunday, January 26, 2014

A picture a day & review...

This week I have decided to post a picture each day.  There may be no content, but the pictures are really the best.  I just looked at the calendar and cannot believe how quickly January is sneaking by.  

I also wanted to write a quick review on a planner I just ordered from Erin Condren.  First of all it is really flipping cool.  Secondly, it is also very overwhelming.  haha  I am starting to find a groove with it, but still at a loss on the most effective way for me to organize the days the way MY brain sees it.  If you haven't checked her products out, I highly recommend it.  If you use her planner and have any ideas or helpful hints of what you do, I would LOVE to hear them!  For now, this is what my calendar is looking like:

And last, but not least some before bedtime shenanigans with O!  ;)  

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