Saturday, January 18, 2014

Party planning and outcome for our sweet ONE year old!

I figured I would make this a combo post of the before and after.  This post is more of a review of the great people and places we used to make everything come together!

~This post starts on December 6th and wraps up on January 10th~

 Those of you who know me well know this is NOT my strong suit (the creative side of it anyway).  I am super stoked to have quite a bit of help from my very dear friends.  

Planning the date for O's 1st birthday was a tad tricky.  You see, it is playoffs weekend and you know we are Broncos fans!  We didn't know until just a couple days ago if the playoff game would be Saturday or Sunday of his birthday weekend nor did we know what the time would be.  As long as the Broncos play well and may be in the final games, we will run into this each year.  This year though I think we got off pretty easy since his actual birthday falls on a Friday.  Done and done!  

The invites were step two.  Things went fairly smoothly on this end.  The shipping side ended up taking longer than expected so I didn't get them out at what I thought was the "ideal" time (this was a learning experience though, I know having a babe with a bday around the holidays equals more forward planning next year).  However, no sweat- it all worked out.  I ended up getting the invites through Etsy (check out sangelastro's page).  She was easy to work with and prompt to respond.  They turned out really cute!!  As far as additional stationary goes his thank yous will be purchased through Scribbles.  Check them out, fun store and great owners!

We also booked O's favorite local band- St. Lumen.  The lead singer is so talented (the rest of the band is great as well).  We met Lindsay (the lead singer) at the coffee shop in our building, Drip.  O loves flirting with her big time.  The first time he saw her singing at a benefit, he melted.  ;)

We also booked our friend and photographer,  Jeff to take pictures.  Check out his work.  Once he is done editing I will post the link to O's bday pics! 

Thanks to my friends we have successfully tasted cake and placed all necessary orders for said cakes (yes cakes), cookies and cake balls (you only turn 1 once, right??  haha).  We have also successfully eaten way too many nachos.  I know....weird, this doesn't exactly go with party planning- but we needed fuel.  And last but not least, almost all of the decorations have been purchased.  

Last step will be to finalize the menu from Attivo (where we are hosting O's party)!

Phew, what a furry of crazy and fun!  Here is the outcome:  I say SUCCESS!  I would highly recommend everyone in this post.  They helped all the fun details become a reality.

Everything came together as planned with one HUGE surprise from one of my friends.  Can you believe this incredible banner??  So freaking awesome!!

The cakes, cake pops and cookies turned out perfect (and tasted great).  If you are in need of anything Michelle at Gateaux was a breeze to work with- so talented too!!

We are so incredibly thankful for this sweet boy who is loved by so many people.  Thank you again EVERYONE!

After waking up to a living room filled with orange and blue balloons, pancakes and eggs for breakfast, followed by a day, night and weekend full of fun, friends and family.  I love this sweet boy more than I could ever explain!

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