Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Ninja's first haircut....

For so long we were holding on to the dream that the hair on top of O's head would catch up to that on the sides and back...  alas, not so much.  Even though I was against this first haircut, I know it was needed.

The cut is really cute (thank you Kent)!  He also kind of looks like someone else's baby though.  haha

Here are some pictures from start to finish (see captions)....
Waiting....  this place seems cool.  Lots of
weird noises and pretty ladies.  Notice my really
long hair - in the back!  ha!

This chair is weird and cool, I think?

Hmmm.  More weird stuff.  A booster and
an Angry Birds cape?


Out of the chair and on foot.  From this view I would be
pretty freaked out too.  Nothing like sharp scissors pointed at what
looks like your face....

Oh gawd.  My hair!  HALP!!!

Alright, this Kent guy isn't too bad.  

Oh ya, first look in the mirror....  he likes it!

After!!  Lookin' good kid!  Thank you Auntie
Annie for the great shot!


Sleeping Ninja after his bath with his new short hair.  Awwww.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Almost back!

Phew folks, what a crash course the last weekish has been...  but, I am happy to report we are all on the mend!

O's temp finally broke Tuesday morning.  It seemed like things were turning around for the better, but he was still in pain and very much in need of cuddle time.  The Ibuprofen really does work wonders for these instances.  We did add all natural Orajel as well and it does great.  Still using that along with the all natural Camilia.  Here is a shot of the sweet boy's swollen grill (6 teeth total- 4 front & 2 back).

Gnarly!  I tried to get an updated picture today- all front 4 are out, but O wasn't havin' it!

Tuesday night we were in thinking we were in the clear... O was happier, smiling and eating.  So off the boys headed for bath time when Joe called me in to take a look at O.  This is what we saw:

Little red bumps everywhere

Quick text to our life saver Pediatrician friend- she quickly responded to set our minds at ease and said it was a virus called Roseola.  Wait, what??  Yes, a virus.  Apparently the bumps on him were the sign the virus is exiting the body.  No biggie, just a kid thing that runs its course.
Well, isn't that lovely?  Teething and a virus?  She also said the virus was more than likely the culprit behind all the temperature spikes.  These things are all so new to me.  Makes me want to be a doctor to maybe be in front of all crazy kid sickies!!

We took a turn for the best near the end of the week, but I in turn got a cold.  O and I had 2 play dates scheduled with friends we had so been looking forward to, but I canceled.  Super sad, but there is no way I was going to take the chance of passing any of my germs to my friends kids.

O has a runny nose now, heck we all do.  But overall- we are ALL on the mend!
He has had a great week with his nanny Amy, girlfriend- Isabel, Miss Davina, NahNah & Christine.  Oh, and we cannot forget Yoda- the funniest doggie O knows!
Getting this Ninja to hold still now days is not so easy!  
This picture is just proof of how he was the entire play date we had a couple weeks ago when I had no idea 6 teeth were busting their way through his gums and that he may have had a virus.  Yikes.  Freakin' shitty mom of the year award!  :/

The sweetest girls ever, Viv & Mal.  They did everything they could to try and make O happy.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Teething.... you are a B.

Poof!  Just like that it has been over a month since I last posted.  Time is cruising right along and so is our sweet Ninja.  

He is growing like a weed (length wise he is currently about half of me), traveling, walking (see clip below- first time walking with shoes on-  he kills it barefoot), trying to talk (he is a huge fan of saying "car" and "oh god"-  should I not be encouraging the second one??  haha) and teething (he currently still only has 2 bottom front teeth).  

On the teething front- I must admit, we may have jinxed ourselves when we were out to dinner Friday night with friends.  We had a lengthy conversation how O's buddy Jack (who is a few months older) has so many more teeth and all questioned when O may get more?  I of course sat there thinking this teething thing will be just fine.  The first 2 he got weren't TOO bad (just sad clingy boy who wanted his Mama & Dada- passing within 24 hours of onset)....  This is going to be a breeze, right?  HA!  Strike one.  

So if you honestly take time to think about the process it is terrible!  Teeth ripping through your gums?  Why does it have to be so awful?  Barbaric.  

Saturday morning we woke up to a very fussy little boy.  Totally not normal for O.  I thought, oh no big deal- probably teeth, it will be like last time...  no biggie.  Things actually got worse and he was more fussy, I contemplated rescheduling a play date with a friend and her girls, but selfishly I was looking so forward to seeing them and O playing with the girls I convinced myself it would pass.  Strike two.   

The drive and the visit were probably one of O's worst showings, ever.  First time for everything I suppose, right?  I blamed myself though.  I knew better, I should have rescheduled.  Strike three.

Once we were home he went straight to bed.  I hoped this would help, but upon waking up he also had a fierce fever.  The drooling was out of control, he wouldn't eat anything but he was still drinking his milk and water.  We were able to sooth the pain with Camilia and a bath to break his fever.  Success!  But, this poor boy was in pain and totally drained.  I will save you any further details of this horrific process, but long story short we are on day 2 of him being miserable.  We also gave him Little Remedies today.  It helped very quickly.  Lots of love and snuggles around this house.  I will be following up with his Pediatrician tomorrow just in case he wants to see him.  However, I hope tonight brings teeth and no more pain.  So from a Mom to her son's teeth, "please just get the f out, thanks".  :)

Lots of cuddles with Dada today (3/16/14)

Cruising the city in my Uggs.  First time walking in shoes!  (3/14/14)

Ready for take off!

O when he isn't teething!  Always a smile and the best giggle pretty much ever!  

The winning item here is I truly do buy in this whole "Mom's intuition thing" its legit (oddly another item we discussed with our friends Friday night).  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lucky number 7!

It was another snowy, cold day in Denver.  The sun has only come out once for about 15 minutes in the past couple days (yes, I know I should not be complaining- we have family in the north and midwest where the sun hasn't been out in far too many days to count).

I am pretty convinced the lack of vitamin D in Denver is why everyone is being so bitchy.  On the bright side though, the minute said people see orange or blue or hear the word "Broncos" the nice comes back!  Phew! We are definitely spoiled by our sun here, no doubt about it.

O had to do his night before the game work out inside.  Nike work out pants and baby wife beater.  Duh.  Happy Happy Day before the big game!  Wooo hoooo!!  Go Broncos!

Day 6!

What a great weekend it is!  Go Broncos Go!  

Did you think I would forget on this snowy, cold night?  Not a chance!  Bummed due to the weather O and I were not able to get out and hang with our friends... but we made due and it seemed a good fit with some teething issues today.  This is such a shitty process and we seem to have it a lot easier than what I have heard from other people's experiences, but still-  YIKES!  

O's appetite was not phased by his teeth today, but it did make him camera shy.  I couldn't catch a good one to save my life!  We discussed this while I was asking him to at least cheese and clearly he wanted me to post one of his most favorite pictures....  I will leave you with this awesomeness.

"When I take time off from being a Ninja, I am a mountain man with my rugs & ice cold Coors".......

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 5 in pics & stuff...


  [greyt-fuhl]  Show IPA
warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful: I am grateful to you for yourhelp.
expressing or actuated by gratitude: a grateful letter.
pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing: a grateful breeze.

I have so much to be grateful for in my life.  Crazy how easy (sometimes) it is to lose track of that. A big thanks to my incredible husband not just today, but all days.....   He makes sure I have time for me...  with friends, yoga or trips.  

I spent the day today with great friends and got my sweat on in yoga.  The dudes had boy night round 2 tonight.  Last night Joe took O to chill with his buddy Freddy and his cat Timmy.  Here is a most excellent video of O & Timmy:

And tonight, my sweet boys eating out at difranco's .  Couldn't love them more.  
Waiting for my homemade Lamb gnocchi!  

This is how we roll!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 4 in pics & stuff...

Today was a productive and beautiful day all around!  

O and I spent the morning together eating, playing and babbling...  I think his first word may be DOG.  
Right now is seems comforting that it wont be F***!  ;)

However, it is a tad troublesome his "dog" kind of sounds like "cock" sometimes.... true story.  I will currently blame it on the fact his sippy cups need to be straw cups...  Apparently in the speech therapy world this is why he is talking Mike Tyson-ish.  Getting straw cups stat!  

O got a special delivery from Miami today-  fun hats!  He had just gotten home from chillin' with his friend Freddy, so tomorrow we will play more.  Thank you Mariam!

Ok, nigh nigh!