Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!

Last week we took O to meet Santa for the first time.  The 2 mile journey to Cherry Creek Mall started out rather rocky.  On our way there I rear ended a car.  Oops.  We were all fine, I was maybe going 1 mile per hour, but I started to think it was the start to the recipe for disaster.  Luckily, the lady I ran into was super nice (a nurse ;)), we exchanged info and we were back on our way.  

Once we got to the Santa line we were told Santa needed to go on break in a "couple minutes" for a total of 30 minutes.  Oh lawdy.  Joe asked the young lady (probably 16) who was working the Santa line if there was any way they could squeeze us in....  long story short, no dice.  We had to wait to let Santa go on his cookie break.  O was ready to see Santa.  Out of her stroller and roaring to go!  Lucky for us, there is a Land of Nod Christmas store in the mall for the Holidays.  Off we went to do some Christmas shopping and fun.  

As you can see there were no Santa melt downs for this Ninja.  He was a tad confused, but ok.  Now, here is what I am wondering as a parent....  why is Santa's couch purple??  Who decided purple would be the Christmas Santa couch color?  Oh, and as a parent I should have made sure my child's jeans didn't look like high waters.  HA!  Le sigh.  

I spent my Christmas Eve day teaching classes.  I am incredibly grateful for students and friends who leave me sweet notes and bring sweet treats!!  THANK YOU!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas Eve at our favorite restaurant, Sushi Sasa.  As per usual, it was delish! Owen enjoyed himself and ate all the fish we ordered him.  He did decide tonight he isn't much of a chicken guy (following in Mom's footsteps maybe?).  Miso soup, veggies and Salmon were on the menu - oh, and puffs for dessert of course!  ;)
Wave your hands like you just don't care!!  Sushi Sasa time!

Eating from chopsticks for the first time

Whatever you may be doing tonight, celebrating or not celebrating I hope you are able to find time to relax, enjoy and be thankful.    

Happy Happy Holidays!!  

PS- Thank you Sushi Sasa for my amazeballs surprise!!

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