Friday, December 28, 2012

Who knew formula & c section were bad words?

Alright, so perhaps the title to this entry is a tad dramatic, but there are those that act that way when they hear formula feeding or c section.... 

Since finding I am having a planned c section I have been doing a ton of research on that and formula feeding versus breast feeding.  I want to be educated on things I know nothing about besides only what I have heard from other friends.  I want to know both sides, the good, the bad the ugly.

First, lets discuss the c section.  Personally, I am totally fine with it and not that scared (being awake during the procedure is what kinda messes with me).  While I do agree it is major surgery, getting the Ninja here as safe as possible is first priority.  Maybe I am also more laid back about it because I had so many surgeries and procedures done in order to get pregnant?  I also do not feel like I am anything LESS for not having him "naturally" or lets just say it- vaginally (note, there is a huge difference between natural birth and birth with meds vaginally). 

I have tons of respect for all types of birth plans.  I have friends who have done some things that really freak me out, but I still respect the decision they made for their birth.  I have to say I find it appalling the way some women treat one another once they hear that "naughty" word C SECTION.  And don't you dare even mention thinking about an elective c section.  OMG- no you didn't! 

Much of the research I have done always leads to some board of women interacting, which quite frankly is great (and this is by no means bashing them, I have gotten to know a couple and learned a ton)...  but we SAY we are supportive and then BAM that dirty little word comes out and ladies start flipping.  I just don't get it.  I feel lucky I have only had one person flip on me.  Lets just get real on this one, long of the short and either way you slice it, getting a baby out of your belly is not glamorous or fun.  I am also pretty sure when your doctor says you may need or do need a c section they are not trying to play Edward Scissorhands with your body or take the "easy" way out.  Clearly, they have identified a medical reason as to why.  I know there are some crazy docs out there, but I still think they know a hell of a lot more than we do. 

Secondly, formula feeding.  This is another naughty word (formula) that makes some people flip out.  It's the whole formula versus "breast is best" thing.  Trust me, my research has gone deep into this one as to what I will choose to do.  I think I have my mind made up, but I can't be sure quite yet.  Game time decision.  Or wait, my body could make the decision to NOT make any.  In my research I stumbled across an article that really got my attention.  Thought I would pass it along here as it does have so many great points, not to mention the author is quite funny (and I know she isn't a doctor).  ;)

I guess all I am trying to say here is I see a ton of women who say they are supportive to one another, but 2 major triggers for the flip are the above subjects.  I don't see where that gets any of us.  I can tell you where it gets me (besides confused)---  Feeling people out before I even mention I am having a c section or am possibly considering not breast feeding.  Or honestly, just going with it and not saying anything at all.  Why should we be made to feel this way on the above topics?  Why should we be judged for a decision either we made, our doctor made or our body makes? 

I am not trying to ruffle any feathers with this post, I am just sayin'....  "Things that make you go hmmmm"....



  1. hey haylee, I have been following your blog with molly and without for a while. I have cried for you both for quite a few reasons, but sometimes because it was so easy for me to get pregnant. this entry hits home for me. my best friend might as well be a cow with all the milk she produced. it was not easy for me and she made formula out to be a demon. breastfeeding was very stressful for me as a police officer who had no time to pump at work, barely had any milk anyway and it made me constantly worry about whether my son was satisfied at the end of a feeding. as for the C...I had two (for medical reasons) but I still got the evil eye from some who I didn't want to share private details of surgery to repair an anal fistula. don't let others discourage you!! you are one of the strongest women I've encountered! I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet Ninja! sending support and good thoughts from Camden, NC---Melissa miller

  2. Melissa- thank you so much for your comment & following the blog, it is women like you that make this crazy journey so much more of a joy and not some guilt ridden process of the do's and don'ts! :) Much love. H