Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Merry

Merry post Christmas!  Hopefully everyone had a lovely holiday.  We sure did!  Spent some much needed time with friends (ate a ton), laid low at home, taught a yoga donations class with 2 other incredible instructors (Joe practiced) & ordered food from Whole Foods (no cooking for me this holiday)! 
Clearly, there were no Christmas "surprises" for us.  The Ninja is still cooking away in my belly.  ;) 

As the eviction date draws closer (14 days) the rare occasions that I do sleep my dreams are of waking up and not being pregnant.  Yes, I am ready. 
Tomorrow is my weekly appointment with Dr. D'A for the basics and to go over more details of the c section. 
I would write more, but my hand currently feels like it is on fire while being smashed with a hammer. 
I will leave you with this pic since I have been asked to post more.  Thank you Jeff.

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