Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fat guy in a little coat.....

Remember that from Tommy Boy? If not, shame on you and watch it now!!!

That's about how I feel.  Not to mention all the other ailments that are now joining forces with the ones that have been with me since the early stages of pregnancy.  The Ninja is really starting to get comfy in there and doesn't mind kicking the shit out of me.  He has found his way to my ribs (right side).  They feel incredibly bruised right now.  I am also convinced he is sitting on some nerves as I am now getting sharp pains when he kung foo fights down the front and back side of my body- they are like lightening.  The kicks are becoming much more Ninja like.  Strong.  Precise. 

Hey, that is what I get for making him a Ninja, huh?  
My appointment with Dr. D'A went great.  We are back to measuring right on track and his heartbeat is beginning to slow a tad (this week 130- which is perfectly normal).  He is starting to get cramped in there for sure.  I think he was also just showing off for Dr. D'A -  his way of trying to say, "I have no idea what this mother of mine is talking about, I am sweet and cuddly all the time"!  My weight (now 142!  yes, that is 42 pounds that I have gained so far), proteins, sugars & blood pressure are all perfect.  I am starting to visibly swell through my legs (I call them Ganesha legs) and still on my lame right hand which continues to get worse as well.  Needless to say, I am welcome to him arriving anytime at this point.  ;)
Many of you have asked for belly pictures.  Funny thing is I will have LOTS of pictures after the pregnancy that are going to be so cool.  I have been meeting with Jeff once a week since week 14 taking pictures of the progression of my pregnancy.  Though I think he picked a bad candidate for it (I just recently really started to blow out) they are going to be super sweet.  I can't wait to see the finished product and share with everyone. 

For now I will leave you with these 2.  One before (all I had was one back when we were prepping for IVF) and one NOW-  well, actually one from about a week ago.  If you can believe it, the belluh is bigger already this week.  Come on Ninja!  This momma is ready to meet her little miracle!! 


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