Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weekly check!

Sometimes I look into the mirror and I have to look again.  I don't look like 'me' anymore.  My face is joining ranks with the rest of my body and swelling.  I have never had Botox injections before, but I would think the aftermath of the procedure would feel the way my face feels right now (especially when I talk)- puffy, yet firm & gross.  It's weird.  Ok, I had to get that off my chest.  All better now.

My weekly appointment went well today.  I am up one pound (145).  This one pound I am not counting as I had my big Uggs on, a half full skinny Vanilla Latte in my hand, North Face Jacket on & scarf on.  Surely those things added my one silly pound (or maybe it was all that food I have been shoving into my mouth.....  hmmmm).  Blood pressure is still great.  Belly measurements were right back on track, no scares today in this department.  Dr. D'A said it was probably how he was positioned last week and now he is probably just stretching out more utilizing the small amount of space he has left.  His heart beat was around 130.  All good. 

I have been noticing over the past 2 days his movement hasn't been very kung fooish.  It is more labored and slow.  I am still getting to my 10 to 12 movements, but it is taking much longer.  Dr. D'A decided to go ahead and do a Non Stress Test just to be sure.  Have I mentioned how much I love her?  It feels so great to be in such good hands.  So, off to the NST room.  She hooked me up to a machine with sensors attached to my belly for 20 minutes to monitor Ninjas heart, movement & possible contractions.  The results were just fine.  Nice spikes to 145 (when he moved) and hover of 120-130 when he was just fluttering around. 

Oh sure, I authorize you to give me CPR
or a blood transfusion in case of emergency......
We also went over all the nitty gritty details of my c section along with signing a bunch of paperwork.  All systems go there.  The only news that had me kind of down today was Dr. D'A is taking off Monday- Friday next week.  If Ninja decides to come sooner than eviction day, I will be in the hands of another doctor.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I know the whole practice is highly qualified and will take excellent care of me....  however, it just wouldn't feel the same to have someone besides Dr. D'A slicing into me.  You know- comfort level of her knowing every last detail about you and your body.

So, I will say even though I am holding up the pregnancy white flag - little Ninja, try not to come when the good doc is out of town ;) 

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