Thursday, December 20, 2012

A morning of scare & excitement!!

This morning I had my weekly appointment with Dr. D'A.  The office was out of the ordinary super packed with patients.  As a result of this she was running behind.  No bigs, I don't like waiting at all, but waiting for her is worth it to me. 

Once I was called back by my nurse things went as they normally do.  Weight check (I have gained 2 more pounds, way to go chubs, right?).  Blood pressure check (all good there).  Any changes check (nope, still feel like shit). 

Then followed prep for the StrepB test and measuring by Dr. D'A.  The StrepB test was only slightly uncomfortable (I will spare you the details) then on to measuring my belly.  As of last week I was measuring right on which is great.  This week however, I was measuring much smaller so Dr. D'A said I needed to get an ultrasound right away to check my amniotic fluid. 

At first it was scary to hear her say that.  I wasn't supposed to have any more ultrasounds unless she thought there was an issue.  Now, is this an issue?  Could be.  All I knew right then and there was one of two things:  1.  Either he had dropped so much it made extra room in my belly resulting in smaller measurements or 2.  There was an issue with my amniotic fluid which meant there could be a possibility of him coming today.  Of course she was great at making me feel more at ease, we moved on to hear the heartbeat (140- excellent) and talked about his positioning in my belly.  Head is down and body is curved to a cute little C. 

Because the office was off the chain busy I had to wait for the ultrasound to be available for Dr. D'A to use.  So more waiting.  She warned me it could take awhile.  Lucky me!  I had time to panic and be excited all at once!  Yee haw.  Actually, it wasn't that bad by my head was spinning.  Most importantly I just wanted Ninja to be ok. 

Finally (after what felt like a lifetime) the ultrasound was ready for me.  I gotta tell ya, our dude is running out room in there for sure!  However, he was as active as always showing off his Ninja skills to the doc.  Much to her surprise (you should have seen her face) my amniotic fluid was quite FULL.  At this point in the game (I am 36.5 weeks- yes every half/day/min counts now) they look for fluid levels over 5.  Yep.  Full!  Nothing like that Jiffy Lube and Oil check to let ya know!  haha 
She said she wasn't sure where I am storing all the fluid but she was so happy it wasn't low as she had originally suspected.  So, no Ninja today my friends! 

She went on to take quite a few measurements and data.  He was placed in my belly just as she had said he was as well.  I couldn't make too much out- but I got to see his cute little profile and all that crazy Kung Foo Fighting.  Measurements all looked good and she is speculating he is weighing in around 5 pounds. 

So, little Ninja-  no more scares, either cook or get your cute butt here!!

And because we all deserve a chubs, man hands laugh- here you go.  Make it a very HAPPY FRIDAY friends!! 

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