Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good Morning & Night Ninja

Some studies show if you play Mozart for your unborn child they will be more calm and perhaps smarter.  Clearly, nothing has been proven on this matter, but why not try it on??

The Ninja gets Mozart music time for 10 minutes in the morning and at night (most days, but not always everyday).  The Nurse Practitioner at Dr. D'A's office recommended it around week 28.  Joe found some great stuff and put together a play list just for him. 

What I can tell you is he loves to dance to it.  And it is truly more of a dance than his normal Kung Foo fighting.  Trust me, there is a difference.  So here we are jammin to some serious Mozart!

Not much new news to report besides some pretty intense contractions (not Braxton Hicks).  They come and go whenever they want. They are completely random, however, they hurt like hell.  I still don't have a hospital bag packed, but I have the Ninja's stuff ready - well, as ready as we will ever be.  :) 

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