Monday, January 7, 2013

Single digits....

Much to my surprise the Ninja is still quite cozy cooking in my belly.  I can't believe we are in the single digits to his arrival. 

Me right now in a nutshell:
-I am both excited & nervous (scared shitless a little). 
-My hormones are off the chain (sing it!  Roller coaster-  ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh)
-It is really starting to set in that these little things do not come with instructions!!  (YIKES)

That is really all I have for now.  My brain is on overload, I am still not sleeping and my body is swelling like a whale.  This is just mentioning a few sweet morsels (try not to be too jealous of the deliciousness that is going on right now- I will save the stool softener & pad talk for a later post- HA!). 

Honestly, the only thing I will miss about being pregnant is knowing the little dude is safe and free from nasty people germs in my belly.  Everyone seems to be sick right now.  So note:  if you are sick don't bring your nasty germs around me or the Ninja.  Thank you. 

More to come later.....  until then:


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