Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rub a dub dub and us....

On January 24th Owen's umbilical cord finally fell off- woohoo!  Rub a dub dub- full bath time in the Puj Tub.  Let me tell you, yet another really sweet product that we would highly recommend for newborns.  O loved being in the tub and water and of course he peed once on us.  Pretty funny. 

Overall, we are doing really well.  This little guy continues to amaze us and I couldn't do any of this without my husbands help.  Words cannot express how helpful he has been.  Watching the bond with him and O is especially sweet too. 
Now, this is NOT me saying anything about this is easy, because guess what?  "Good" baby, "Fussy" baby, etc.... this baby stuff is incredibly challenging.  We worry about what we are doing right or wrong.  When we should or should not try something new.  How long for this or that.  As my husband says, "they are like little rubrics cubes you are constantly trying to figure out and as soon as you figure one piece out there is something new to try and figure out". 

It is my goal most days to not be so hard on myself as a new Mom.  It is not easy, but I know the more relaxed I am the more relaxed O will be and that is what is best for him. 

Last but not least these sweet pictures of our little Ninja and his Daddies big hand (it is hard to believe some day he will probably have hands as big as - if not bigger).  Goosh! Love!

Even O thought this was funny ;)

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