Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Ninja birth story....

Origin: Celtic: Meaning- Young warrior

First we had each other, then we had YOU, now we
have everything. This is our happily ever after.

It seemed only fitting his name to be Owen.  He is nothing short of a warrior.  More importantly he is also named after a very special miracle triplet. 

As I sit here today it is hard to believe our Ninja Owen is already one week old. We have been soaking it all in and learning a lot during this time. I will post more later, but for now, here is Owen's birth story.

Owen was born at 13:33 on 1/10/13 via c section.  He was 6lbs 5oz and 20.75 inches long and very healthy.

I was in the great hands of Dr. D'A and her trusty staff.  This didn't make it any less scary.  I just wanted him to be perfect.  The procedure to get Owen out was quite quick, putting me back together was another story.  I will skip straight to the sweet spot. 

All the sudden we heard Dr. D'A start to say hi to Owen (yes, we did tell her his name) so we knew we were so close to meeting our sweet Ninja.  He had his legs wrapped into my rib cage so tightly Dr. D'A had to apply quite a bit of pressure to get him out.  This was painful.  Not in the sense of pain, but I felt pain in my chest and shoulders as she did 2 huge pushes to get his long legs out.  Right after the 2nd big push we heard his strong cry and of course we cried.  I honestly cannot put into words the feeling that rushed through my body.  We got to see our little Ninja for the first time screaming with his strong lungs.  Joe was able to go with the nurses and spend some bonding time with Owen while the good doc and her crew put me back together. 

At that point Dr. D'A informed me she had to make a bigger incision than she had expected to get Owen out because my uterus was still quite heart shaped and the larger side of my uterus was on the right where Owen was (smart kid, huh??).  I knew my uterus was not "totally" fixed after the surgeries, but I was surprised to hear it was still quite heart shaped.  With this extra cut I also lost quite a bit of blood due to the positioning.  She told me not to be alarmed that I was fine (but I would be weak and maybe need some iron) and I was ok with that.  Again, the comfort of knowing you are in the best hands.  All the while I could hear Joe talking to our sweet boy-  he was going back and forth being the best husband checking on me and then back to our son. 

Once I was in recovery it was tough (you know I don't sugar coat).  I was really out of it and started to get sick from the medications they had given me, this meant more anti nausea medication which causes extreme drowsiness.  I now understand why some women poo poo on this with c sections, but I have to tell you-  it was so comforting to see Joe with Owen, to see the bond they were developing as I recovered.  I would never want to take that opportunity from Joe.  It was the most darling thing pretty much ever!  ;) 

I was in and out of it most of the evening and very uncomfortable, but all that mattered was my little Ninja and husband. 

We were grateful to have my Dad, little brother, Joe's Mom and Dad and sister join us at the hospital once we got back to our room.  In the days that followed and as the days go on Owen is meeting all of his family and all of his friends. 

Rose Hospital was (per usual) amazing.  Best care ever.  If you want more details about Rose or more specifics of my c section (staples, bleeding, pads, stool softeners etc- oh the fun- haha) I am more than happy to share with you, just send me an email and I will let you know! 

We were released from the hospital Monday morning and brought our sweet boy home.  He is doing great.  I am healing and probably doing more than I should (it hurts to laugh, cry, move, etc), but I can't help myself.  This truly is a love you have never felt before and it is incredibly hard.  I still am baffled how some people are allowed to leave the hospitals with such a precious package.  Like I have said before- these little dudes don't come with a manual!! haha   

We continue to be incredibly grateful for all the love we have received from our family, friends and those we don't know through this journey of "the Ninja".  I truly cannot express my deep appreciation and love to each and everyone one of you.  I cannot wait to show Owen where we started and who has been here with us the entire way once he is old enough.  He is so loved and we are so blessed. 

Now, back to loving and starring at this sweet miracle Ninja. 


  1. He is beautiful, you are very blessed, congratulations to you both x

  2. Congrats! Very happy for you and your sweet family!

  3. haylee--owen is beautiful! congratulations!! I know you are so proud and I hope your recovery is an easy one.
    Melissa miller Camden, nc