Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our first & second quick outings & O's 2 week appt!

January 18th

Well of course we went to Starbucks!  haha  Everyone who knows me is not surprised by this at all.  We are blessed to live by one of the coolest Starbucks in Denver because it is connected to REI, parks, the river and walking paths galore! 
The stroller we picked (BOB Revolution City) is bad ass!  So glad we went with it.  Super light, easy to maneuver and O seemed to love it (though he slept and squinted through most of it).

We were in and out of Starbucks pretty quickly - I didn't want any germy people trying touching him!

Every child needs a North Face jacket!

 January 26th

We headed to our local wine store to finally redeem wine from a benefit for the Children's Museum last summer. Kona went with and Joe tried on the Ergo carrier. The nice thing about the carrier is no one tries to look, touch or get too close. O was as snug as a bug in a rug! 

January 25th

O went back to see Dr. Bryan for his 2 week check up, this time at his new facility ( which by the way is really awesome!

I will remember to get some pictures next time, but I just get so nervous when it involves taking him out of the house and in the car. 

Everything went really well and our little Ninja is growing strong.  Everything checked out and he now weighs 7 pounds!  He protested getting weighed and decided to pee on Joe right after.  No bigs, his smart Daddy found a sink and just held him over it while he peed away.  haha 
He handled everything else like a champ including the 2nd round of blood draw from his heel.

We are in a tricky stage with him size wise right now as his legs are getting really long.  So, his newborn sizes fit except the legs are too short.  One size up the legs fit great but the rest of his long and lean body is swimming in it!   

I cannot begin to tell you how much we are enjoying watching him grow.  Watching how quickly he is changing.  It is true what they say, "it all goes by so fast".  What a gift we have in this precious little man. 


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