Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lucky number 7!

It was another snowy, cold day in Denver.  The sun has only come out once for about 15 minutes in the past couple days (yes, I know I should not be complaining- we have family in the north and midwest where the sun hasn't been out in far too many days to count).

I am pretty convinced the lack of vitamin D in Denver is why everyone is being so bitchy.  On the bright side though, the minute said people see orange or blue or hear the word "Broncos" the nice comes back!  Phew! We are definitely spoiled by our sun here, no doubt about it.

O had to do his night before the game work out inside.  Nike work out pants and baby wife beater.  Duh.  Happy Happy Day before the big game!  Wooo hoooo!!  Go Broncos!

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