Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 6!

What a great weekend it is!  Go Broncos Go!  

Did you think I would forget on this snowy, cold night?  Not a chance!  Bummed due to the weather O and I were not able to get out and hang with our friends... but we made due and it seemed a good fit with some teething issues today.  This is such a shitty process and we seem to have it a lot easier than what I have heard from other people's experiences, but still-  YIKES!  

O's appetite was not phased by his teeth today, but it did make him camera shy.  I couldn't catch a good one to save my life!  We discussed this while I was asking him to at least cheese and clearly he wanted me to post one of his most favorite pictures....  I will leave you with this awesomeness.

"When I take time off from being a Ninja, I am a mountain man with my rugs & ice cold Coors".......

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