Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Ninja's first haircut....

For so long we were holding on to the dream that the hair on top of O's head would catch up to that on the sides and back...  alas, not so much.  Even though I was against this first haircut, I know it was needed.

The cut is really cute (thank you Kent)!  He also kind of looks like someone else's baby though.  haha

Here are some pictures from start to finish (see captions)....
Waiting....  this place seems cool.  Lots of
weird noises and pretty ladies.  Notice my really
long hair - in the back!  ha!

This chair is weird and cool, I think?

Hmmm.  More weird stuff.  A booster and
an Angry Birds cape?


Out of the chair and on foot.  From this view I would be
pretty freaked out too.  Nothing like sharp scissors pointed at what
looks like your face....

Oh gawd.  My hair!  HALP!!!

Alright, this Kent guy isn't too bad.  

Oh ya, first look in the mirror....  he likes it!

After!!  Lookin' good kid!  Thank you Auntie
Annie for the great shot!


Sleeping Ninja after his bath with his new short hair.  Awwww.

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  1. Awww, so cute! Lee still hates haircuts. Screams like someone is stabbing him. When we walk into the beauty parlor, the stylists cringe.