Sunday, March 16, 2014

Teething.... you are a B.

Poof!  Just like that it has been over a month since I last posted.  Time is cruising right along and so is our sweet Ninja.  

He is growing like a weed (length wise he is currently about half of me), traveling, walking (see clip below- first time walking with shoes on-  he kills it barefoot), trying to talk (he is a huge fan of saying "car" and "oh god"-  should I not be encouraging the second one??  haha) and teething (he currently still only has 2 bottom front teeth).  

On the teething front- I must admit, we may have jinxed ourselves when we were out to dinner Friday night with friends.  We had a lengthy conversation how O's buddy Jack (who is a few months older) has so many more teeth and all questioned when O may get more?  I of course sat there thinking this teething thing will be just fine.  The first 2 he got weren't TOO bad (just sad clingy boy who wanted his Mama & Dada- passing within 24 hours of onset)....  This is going to be a breeze, right?  HA!  Strike one.  

So if you honestly take time to think about the process it is terrible!  Teeth ripping through your gums?  Why does it have to be so awful?  Barbaric.  

Saturday morning we woke up to a very fussy little boy.  Totally not normal for O.  I thought, oh no big deal- probably teeth, it will be like last time...  no biggie.  Things actually got worse and he was more fussy, I contemplated rescheduling a play date with a friend and her girls, but selfishly I was looking so forward to seeing them and O playing with the girls I convinced myself it would pass.  Strike two.   

The drive and the visit were probably one of O's worst showings, ever.  First time for everything I suppose, right?  I blamed myself though.  I knew better, I should have rescheduled.  Strike three.

Once we were home he went straight to bed.  I hoped this would help, but upon waking up he also had a fierce fever.  The drooling was out of control, he wouldn't eat anything but he was still drinking his milk and water.  We were able to sooth the pain with Camilia and a bath to break his fever.  Success!  But, this poor boy was in pain and totally drained.  I will save you any further details of this horrific process, but long story short we are on day 2 of him being miserable.  We also gave him Little Remedies today.  It helped very quickly.  Lots of love and snuggles around this house.  I will be following up with his Pediatrician tomorrow just in case he wants to see him.  However, I hope tonight brings teeth and no more pain.  So from a Mom to her son's teeth, "please just get the f out, thanks".  :)

Lots of cuddles with Dada today (3/16/14)

Cruising the city in my Uggs.  First time walking in shoes!  (3/14/14)

Ready for take off!

O when he isn't teething!  Always a smile and the best giggle pretty much ever!  

The winning item here is I truly do buy in this whole "Mom's intuition thing" its legit (oddly another item we discussed with our friends Friday night).  

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