Thursday, March 27, 2014

Almost back!

Phew folks, what a crash course the last weekish has been...  but, I am happy to report we are all on the mend!

O's temp finally broke Tuesday morning.  It seemed like things were turning around for the better, but he was still in pain and very much in need of cuddle time.  The Ibuprofen really does work wonders for these instances.  We did add all natural Orajel as well and it does great.  Still using that along with the all natural Camilia.  Here is a shot of the sweet boy's swollen grill (6 teeth total- 4 front & 2 back).

Gnarly!  I tried to get an updated picture today- all front 4 are out, but O wasn't havin' it!

Tuesday night we were in thinking we were in the clear... O was happier, smiling and eating.  So off the boys headed for bath time when Joe called me in to take a look at O.  This is what we saw:

Little red bumps everywhere

Quick text to our life saver Pediatrician friend- she quickly responded to set our minds at ease and said it was a virus called Roseola.  Wait, what??  Yes, a virus.  Apparently the bumps on him were the sign the virus is exiting the body.  No biggie, just a kid thing that runs its course.
Well, isn't that lovely?  Teething and a virus?  She also said the virus was more than likely the culprit behind all the temperature spikes.  These things are all so new to me.  Makes me want to be a doctor to maybe be in front of all crazy kid sickies!!

We took a turn for the best near the end of the week, but I in turn got a cold.  O and I had 2 play dates scheduled with friends we had so been looking forward to, but I canceled.  Super sad, but there is no way I was going to take the chance of passing any of my germs to my friends kids.

O has a runny nose now, heck we all do.  But overall- we are ALL on the mend!
He has had a great week with his nanny Amy, girlfriend- Isabel, Miss Davina, NahNah & Christine.  Oh, and we cannot forget Yoda- the funniest doggie O knows!
Getting this Ninja to hold still now days is not so easy!  
This picture is just proof of how he was the entire play date we had a couple weeks ago when I had no idea 6 teeth were busting their way through his gums and that he may have had a virus.  Yikes.  Freakin' shitty mom of the year award!  :/

The sweetest girls ever, Viv & Mal.  They did everything they could to try and make O happy.

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