Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh, Hi Core and Judgement!!

Hello CORE!
Yesterday was my first yoga class since January 3rd.  It felt so good to be back.  I felt revived and peaceful.  The class was lovely and I cannot wait to get our schedules aligned with lots of yoga and other fun work outs!  I feel much better than what I thought I would (my body).  Not too terribly sore, but my core is definitely still there and in need of some serious love (I accept this challenge). 

Now, let me tell you what wasn't so lovely.  Rather alarming and gross.  I have bumps all over my arms (this is caused from the remaining hormones leaving my body), my legs and arms are super jiggly and one of my boobs is bigger and saggier than the other.  While I realize it is going to take some work to pull it all back together, I was rather grossed out yesterday.  As I have mentioned before having a baby is not the most glamorous process! 

Hello Judgement! 
Here is some unsolicited advice from me to those of you that will be having a baby soon or in the future.  Brace yourself for judgement from others.  Prepare yourself by holding strong to what you and your significant other have agreed upon and stand behind those ideas.  I am saddened by the amount of judgement I see and have experienced since having O. 

When faced with said judgement always remind yourself you are doing what is best for your child.  You are loving them like crazy.  You are making sure all their needs are met.  You are looking out for and protecting them with great fury.  For me I know no matter what-  I KNOW with 100% certainty whether people agree with how we choose to raise O that they could never call us bad parents. 

Now, if you are a crack pipe smoker, beater, loser- that is a whole other blog post and your type sickens me to no end. 

Please keep in mind- this is not to say I have not received a shit ton (yes a shit ton) of support as well.  I couldn't get through each day without the support I have of my amazing friends, family and husband.  They are truly the pieces that hold this all together.  As one of my friends said the other day, "it really does take a village to raise a child"....  It is so incredibly true. 

Last but not least this little dude is almost 7 weeks old!  He is smiling and growing so much each day.  We are currently trying on a new routine/schedule and so far it is working out very nicely.  I plan to post about this method after a couple weeks of using it, so hold tight! 

This is how I woke up the other morning.  It makes the lack of sleep, ringing ears and unbrushed teeth all worth it. 
Le sigh.  My loves.  My cup runneth over.

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