Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cluster whaaaa?

Cluster feeding: A term used to describe the irregular and unpredictable feeding patterns of the newborn. Newborns often eat in multiple sequences when they have a wakeful period.  This can also indicate a growth spurt is taking place.

Growth Spurt:  Cranky behavior can be par for the course during growth spurts. He might wake more frequently from naps or nighttime sleep as well. During the newborn period, it is best to feed through these spurts. You may want to talk to your pediatrician on how to handle frequent night waking of your older baby. If your baby has had a solid weight gain pattern, you may not want to go back to return to feeding your older baby more frequently during the night.

"I've got my eye on you, don't even think about
not doing what I tell you to"....  ha ha
I like to refer to said "cluster feeding" as a cluster f***.  ;)  Pardon my language, but honestly- it is no fun for us or Owen.  While I am really happy he is growing big and strong, the cluster feeding/growth spurt that is occurring in our household has me asking who took my sweet little Ninja and replaced him with this cranky booty little man.

Now, before I go on I must also say MY definition of a cranky child would be laughed at by many of our friends who have actually experienced a real cranky/fussy child. We still have it very easy, it is just new for us. Apparently each time these 2 things happen it only lasts a few days. We are on day 3. Maybe today is our lucky day? 

O is also trying on some new multitasking skills. 
Brace yo-self.  Eating AND pooping at the same time.  So far this has been a huge fail for him as the tasks combined equal him choking on his food and spitting up.  Wow weeee, you want to see a pissed baby?  This is how it is done.  ha!  The fit only lasts a matter of seconds but as a parent when your child chokes (or screams for that matter of fact) it feels like forever.  I keep telling him to be patient that all his Ninja skills WILL come with patience and time....  he does not listen. 

He is also quite frustrated with the fact his little nose is very clogged and congested.  Poor dude.  I have been to 2 stores for Little Noses and they are sold out.  Joe is on the mission today to fill this order.  Hopefully this will offer him some relief.  I mean can you imagine eating from a bottle with a clogged nose?  That would make anyone pissed off! 

I am tellin' ya.  It is tough being a newborn.  I leave you with this to warm your heart and make you smile.  Happy Tuesday. 


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