Thursday, March 7, 2013


Phew! It has been very busy in our household since my last post.  Here are some of the happenings:  O is almost 2 months old!  Can you believe it?  I can't. 

Last week was packed with lots of fun and some more firsts for O.  Here are the deets:

He got to meet his Auntie from KC. She came and stayed the weekend with us. The weather was delish so we were able to meet up with friends (both humans and dogs) for a fun stroller ride around town and dinner. In normal O fashion, he rocked it and partied like a rock star.  As you can see he insisted on wearing his cool gray jeans, sweet shirt and owl hat!  ;)

He took his first car ride with yours truly (YIKES).  We literally went one mile.  It was a very stressful one mile for me.  Brace yourself to laugh at me though....  I hope you find it as funny as all my coworkers and friends did....  Mind you, I asked Joe before he left town to show me again how to properly work the stroller and car seat. 

I went downstairs to remove the car seat from the stroller.  I couldn't get it.  I worked on it for quite a bit.  I made a call to Joe and left him a voicemail.  In the meantime I figured it out.  SUCCESS!  I was able to say, "oh nevermind I got it" when he called back. 

From there I put O in the car seat and made sure he was safe and secure then off we went to the car, climbed in snapped him in and off we went!  SUCCESS!  We made it!  Phew.  I then climbed in the back seat to take his car seat off the base.  I tried one button, then another, then another.  That thing would NOT budge.  So then (as my child probably secretly laughed at me) I tried a few other things, I was probably at it for a solid 10 minutes.  Ok, maybe 5, but it felt like 25.  FAIL.  I couldnt call Joe again, because he had already boarded his plane.  I finally broke down and called my friend (she has 2 little girls), all I said was "help", then paused (I mean how embarrassing, right??) I took a big gulp and went on to say, "I am here, but I can't get the car seat out of the car".  Of course she laughed at me (who wouldn't - I was laughing at myself).  She saved the day and showed me the ONE f-ing button I didn't push.  Le sigh. 

O took his first shower too! He thought it was super badass!

We continue to dance, sing and read a lot!  He loves it.

So much more to come.  Stay tuned! 

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