Monday, February 25, 2013

C Section information

I have had quite a few people ask about what to expect with a c section and what to take to the hospital so I am dedicating this post to that- from MY perspective.  Keep in mind, every persons body is different and we all have different experiences!  I am keeping this one as short and to the point as possible, only highlighting what I found to be most important or things I wish I would have known prior to going through this surgery. 

Must haves for your hospital bag (these are just a few you will  not find on most websites that have great lists of things to pack):
-Granny panties: 
That's right!  Go get yourself some hot ass panties and add to the hotness by upping the size by one.  I chose the Gap brand and bought a couple pair at my size 9 months pregnant and a few pairs a size up.  I was really happy I had both to choose from.

-Comfy PJ bottoms and loose fitting tops: 
Self explanatory.  Having these will motivate you to get up and change out of that awkward hospital gown.  Trust me, it feels great.

-Face cleansing wipes:
I am so happy I threw these in!  It was nice to have them to wipe my face and feel a little normal until I was able to get up and shower.

-Music!  Whether it be your itouch, ipod etc.  It is so nice to have. 

Important things for after your c section:
I cannot stress this enough (and everyone who told me to do so - THANK YOU, it was spot on).  I am completely convinced this helped with my healing.  Let me also tell you it hurts like a mother f***** the first few times and quite frankly for awhile after that, but each day I promise it gets better and better.  If walking seems way out of the question the first time you try with your nurse (they will let you know when it is time so don't try doing it on your own) just work on standing up and sitting back down.  Oh and I cannot forget, also take it easy and don't push yourself too hard.

-Take the meds!
Another simple thing that is so important.  Your doctor has given you pain meds, stool softeners and gas x for a reason!  Take them as prescribed!  I am one that is very sensitive to pain meds many times they cause vomiting (which would be awful to experience after a c section), so after a couple days I decided to tell the nurses I was fine and didn't need the pain meds.  She kindly told me to be careful with doing so, but listened to me.  Win win, right?  Not so much.  I found myself in some serious pain within only a couple hours.  So, what I am trying to say AGAIN is take it as they have prescribed.  Once you are home and moving you can play around with how you want to take pain meds.  I found ibuprofen did the job just fine.  Last but not least, take the stool softener and gas pills.  I promise you will regret it if not. 

-Use the pads provided!
Depending on your hospital, pads are normally provided.  USE THEM.  And take some home!  Also make sure you have plenty of your own supply at home too!  My bleeding was minimal, but I did have quite a bit of bleeding and oozing from the incision site so they would place a pad long ways across my incision so the staples wouldn't catch on the hot mesh panties or granny panties I was wearing.

-Drink all fluids carefully!
This may seem funny, but if you get fluids down the wrong pipe and start coughing or choking I cannot begin to tell you the amount of pain (even on meds) you will experience from the incision site.  This happened to me (even after a friend warned me- I was trying to be careful- HA) it was the worst pain I have ever felt hands down.  I would imagine the same pain would also result if you don't take your stool softener and try to poo, sneeze or vomit.  I will also tell you it hurts to laugh, but not as bad as explained above.  Just be sure to put pressure on the incision site with your hand or pillow when you laugh, cough, sneeze etc.

-Take a shower as soon as your doctor says you can.  It feels great! 

-Last but not least, if you are healing quickly be mindful not to overdue it.  I am guilty of this and wish I would have taken a little more down time.

As always, if you have any other questions please send them to me.  I am more than happy to answer questions based off my experience.  C sections can be very scary and I would like to make them seem not so scary.  Now that I have been through the process I wouldn't have it any other way (don't judge)  ;) 

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