Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good stuff...

Hot damn, today was my almost 6 week check up with Dr. D'A and it went well.  Cleared for all exercise, within reason of course.   Time to get my booty back in shape- starts tomorrow.  :) 
I also had to take the EPDS (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale).  What?  You didn't automatically know what the EPDS is?  Ha!
Really?  A test where I check boxes and add up the score to determine whether or not I am depressed?  I call bullshit on this said test.  It reminded me of the "quiz's" I used to love to take when I was younger (and sometimes now, why not?) in the Cosmo magazines.  Anyway, nether here nor there- I passed with flying colors and I am not considering hurting myself or others and especially not Owen. 

Does it make me seem about 12 years old because the clipboard ad made me giggle?  Good stuff for sure. 

Here is what O has been up to lately:
-Staying awake more and more
-Peeing on me 2 times and pooping in one diaper change early this morning (yes another moment where I needed a camera)
-Trying to find his words
-Focusing on objects
-Rolling over
-Hanging with his Aunties and girlfriend (yes, he currently only has ONE girlfriend, he isn't a player) ha ha
-Working out a lot- both vocal cords and physically (this ninja dude has a super strong neck for his age)
-Last but not least chillin' with Dad-  doing some trading, market reading, listening to music on the iPad and singing. 

And since today is National Love Your Pet(s) Day, I pay a tribute to my 3 fur kids:  Kona, Meadow and Enzo who have all been great and love their little Ninja brother so much!

As Kenny Chesney sings:  "That's The Good Stuff", I say THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF! 

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