Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby hangover

Perhaps you have experienced a really bad hangover.  Perhaps you have not.  If you are in the "have not" category, that is perfectly ok in my book just take time to think of the last time you had food poisoning as I refer to my baby hangover.... 

In my words:
Bad hang over or food poisoning examples:
  • most typically hovered over a toilet, trash can or worse- car or floor.   Praying to something you either believe in or never have and making promises you will never do said behavior that caused the sickness again. 
Baby hangover examples:
  • no sleep (as result you see things perhaps that aren't there), ringing in ears (and not the type from a really loud concert) and moments of praying to something you either believe in or never have making some really "out there" promises as it is awful to see your baby in any type of pain or discomfort.  This one truly is out of your control and all you want is for your baby (and you) to feel better. 

So, you can see- one of these things is much and not like the other. 

I may be speaking way too soon, but I think I am just now coming out of my baby hangover.  Owen started having some issues last Thursday.  And when I say "issues" I mean behavior that gets your attention.  Behavior that is much different.  After watching him go from sweet baby to crazy baby we were convinced it was a belly issue. 

Here is what we did:
  • We started with a nipple change to his bottles (we think a huge success)
  • Food change to a more "gentle" one (time will tell, but we THINK it is working)
  • Swing purchased - we were hoping to get through without one, but alas here we are (again, time will tell- doesn't seem like the best purchase right now - given our situation anyway)

I spoke with O's doc this morning and he wants us to give it until Wednesday to see if there is improvement or if things are the same.  He does seem a little better (which I am enjoying so much, there is nothing worse than your baby being in pain), but still not 100%.  So, for now I do my best to nurse my baby hangover (is there a "hair of the dog" remedy for baby hangover??  I can't think of one, but let me know if you know of one).   

My heart breaks when he looks like this:                     Phew, here is my happy baby!  ;)

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