Sunday, November 18, 2012

Updates and feedback

Thought I would drop some updates since it has been a few days. 

The Ninja has been very busy remodeling and practicing his combos in my belly.  I think someone snuck him some nunchucks at the shower or in the middle of the night.  I am not going to lie though, I like it even when it is incredibly painful.  Puts my mind at ease everything is going just fine in there.  Oh and bonus for me, he still hasn't found my ribs! 

I am also convinced he is going through a growth spurt.  I am eating just about everything in sight now.  OK, not everything, I still have my don't likes.  But I eat a lot.  Surely it is driven by him growing?  Here is an example if you don't believe me.  Friday night Joe and I went to eat at Asian Cajun (crab joint across the tracks in Denver, it's delish if you have not tried it out yet).  I ate a dinner salad, all my crab and some of Joe's.  When he was paying I noticed there was a hole in the wall Taco joint across the street that looked really good, it is called Tacos Rapidos.  I mean with a name like that and a 24 hour drive through, how can you NOT try it out?  That we did.  2 deep fried beef tacos with all the stuff on them.  This could have gone terribly wrong or deliciously well.  I am happy to report it went well and I ate my face off AGAIN!  I mean really.  Who does this??  All I know is it is going to get real interesting at my doctor appointment this Tuesday when I weigh in!  ha!

It will be a week tomorrow since I got the steroid shot in my hand.  I am sad to say it made it way worse for 4 days.  On day 5 there was a glimmer of hope as it started to feel better overall and I would say I had about 50% feeling back.  Day 6 was another let down as it started to go back to the way it has been feeling the whole time.  Needless to say, I will not be back to get another shot.  I have come to terms with just having to ride this one out.

This one is for those of you that either need to invest in some oils or may be in the future- so here you go!  I will be using them all regardless of my feedback below.
Natural Stretch Oil- Earth Mama/Angel Baby-  By far the best.  Thicker, absorbs into the skin quicker.  Smells great!
Burt's Bee's- Mama Bee Oil-  2nd place.  More like slippery oil, so putting it on right after a shower and waiting a bit is most effective.  It does smell a lot like lemon scented Pledge.  The smell is strong but it does not go on that strong.  I have grown to like it. 
Mother's Special Blend-  3rd place and only because it smells funky.  Now, it does not smell as awful as that nasty Palmer's crap, but it is pretty bad.  I would say the closest comparison I can come up with is a moving box.  Otherwise is have more of an oil consistency and goes on smooth.  It is much better if mixed with a lotion. 

We are SO close to having the nursery done, just waiting on a couple more pieces to be delivered.  I have to say, it is looking great!

More tomorrow or Tuesday my hand is revolting.   

PS- The Ninja enjoyed yet another fantastic Broncos game today. 
He also had his first ever Thunder Dog.  Ya.  I ate the whole thing.  OMG. 

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