Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a week!

Wow, it has been quite the week between work and Ninja stuff!

We attended the second session of Infancy 101, I did not like it that much.  We had a new instructor and I was not impressed.  The topics that were discussed were really important and there wasn't that much time spent on them, she just sped through.  So I left frustrated. 

Good news though, this will not keep us from signing up for more classes!  It is on our list for this weekend to pick more and most importantly get our hospital and room tour (though I am pretty sure I have already been on the delivery floor after my 1st uterine septum surgery in 2009).  If you aren't sure what the uterine septum surgery was and you are curious, please refer back the STILL blog.  All posts are marked with my name. 

The highlight of our week was getting the 3d/4d Ultrasound.  Attached is the full video or our session.  Warning, it is long and I do not intend for you to watch it all, but for those of you who are considering having it done, I would highly recommend.  It was just so heart warming to see him kicking, dancing, sword fighting, smiling & sticking out his tongue.  Joe would tell you it was most excellent to see that the Ninja is still in fact a Ninja and not a Ninjetta.  haha  You can already tell the Ninja looks a heck of a lot like his Daddy!  I have to say he has my fire though.  We are even more excited to meet him now!

The absolute worst part of my week was the nasty glucose drink and surprise shot in my booty (I will get to the shot later).  This drink wasn't as bad as I thought, but it was....  It is both thick and sugary.  My mind processed it as if you took one of those ring sucker things melted it down, chilled it and drank it.  Fruit punch flavored.  Blek. 

Within about 5 minutes of taking it I got really light headed.  Mind you, you cannot drink or eat anything after you ingest this demon juice.  You would really think they would have come up with something much more sophisticated to test for gestational diabetes, but alas, no. 

Once I got to the doctors office I felt like a balloon.  Dizzy, blurry vision.  It sucked.  After an hour it was time for the nurse to draw 3 large viles of blood (this took me back to our fertility days).  Thank God she was as amazing as Ruby from Dr. M's office.  Quick and to the point.  I haven't felt the same though all day.  Very pukey.  Hopefully our results are in tomorrow and everything looks good. 

We moved on to meet with Dr. D'A's nurse and then the doc.  I have officially gained 30 pounds.  Holy Mother of the Lord.  My blood pressure is still looking great.  SURPRISE, I get a shot today.  What?  Yes. 

I have O negative blood type.  This means (in Haylee's non doctor terms mind you) I have to have a shot called the Rh Shot (RhoGAM).  It keeps my antibodies from attacking the Ninja's antibodies.  This shot is given in the booty and it hurt.  BAD.  Again, this reminded me of all the fertility shots we have been though.  NONE of them were this bad.  Crazy, right?  So now my booty hurts and I am not sure if these pukey side effects are a combo of GSD testing and shot or one of the things.

Dr. D'A said everything was measuring right on track and we got to hear Ninja's heartbeat again (also great).  We were able to touch on many different topics today.  I am so grateful to have such a on top of it doctor.  Here is a list of things we discussed:

-Pediatrician:  Yes, we need to start interviewing now and have that lined up very soon.
-Whooping Cough vaccine:  Yes, Joe and I (and anyone that will be around the Ninja a lot - that means you Grandma Mary Ann) will get the whooping cough vaccine. 
-Teaching and practicing yoga for me:  Scale back a little- listen even more to my body.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it makes sense.  Trust me, it is better than not being able to do it at all.  I might go batty.
-Maternity leave:  Starts January 1st
-Steroid shot:  Yes, more shots-  this one I am still considering.  It would be for my right hand & arm since the left is not as intense (helps with the pain and numb feeling).  Dr. D'A reminded me it would not hurt the baby.  She reminded me it is only going to get worse from here as the body will naturally start to swell more in these final weeks.  Once again she is right.  But you know me, I am going to try and see how it goes for now, but still highly consider at the same time.
-Kick counts:  Start today!  Ninja must kick at least 12 times a day every day.  If less, call the doc ASAP!  Trust me, he's got this down! 

Last, but certainly not least we found out today I will be having a C-section.  This date will be planned & set at our next doctors visit in 2 weeks.  I have moved into seeing Dr. D'A every 2 weeks now.  I like it a lot, we are so close!!  :)

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