Wednesday, December 18, 2013

O v.1 and O v.2

I have been meaning to post this one for quite some time now.  

As mentioned in previous posts Owen's name came from another super miracle baby.

We refer to the boys as O v. 1 and O v. 2 (Owen version 1 and Owen version 2).  

O v. 1 is a miracle of 3. His brother is Caleb and beautiful sister is Dani.  Their parents are good friends of ours and Joe has watched this triple crew grow up (they are now 15 years old!!!).  Joe spent quite a bit of time with the boys when they were young helping coach them in football and baseball.  They all also spent many fun days skiing and snowboarding in Steamboat.  Obviously, all 3 of these kids are special to us. 

The name Owen just really resignated with us.  Clearly, we asked our friends how they would feel about this and upon an OK, Joe talked to both boys.   They were incredibly sweet about it....  So thank you O v. 1 for letting O v. 2 share your name!  And of course, thank you LT & BT!  We can't wait until O v. 2 is on his skis or snowboard in Steamboat with your 3.  They will be able to teach him so much!  

O v. 1 meets O v. 2 for the first time (O v. 2 was only 3 months old here)!

The O's & Dani!

Chatting about life....  

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