Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh hi blog!

Holy crap!  It is December (Happy 11 month Birthday my sweet Ninja---- photo cred to his awesome Nanny).
  How the f bombs did this happen?  Nonetheless, I am back and going to be much, much better about sharing life and thoughts from my perspective and experiences.  Brace yo-self!  :)

As for us and our Ninja, we are still crazy and happy as ever.  There truly is never a dull moment in our household or lives.  We have been having a ton of fun playing and traveling as of late (some with and some without our sweet dude)!

For now O is a pro at flying (I hear I may be eating my words on this one once he is walking).  He tries every day to walk and talk more.  While he does not have any teeth, he eats like he does.  If you could see the food menu each day you would probably fall over (I may post something about this)!  He loves to eat!  His laugh is the best sound I have ever heard!  He is a big dude, at his 9 month check up he weighed 22 pounds and was 30 inches long (not sure what the stats are now, but he is even bigger!!).  He loves music, dancing and eating out.  Wait.  This is starting to sound like some weird online profile....  haha!

Long story short, we are enjoying each day.....  Here are some updated pictures.  More to come soon!
This was my first cold.  Brutal!  
Go Broncos!  I love going to the games!

Happy Halloween 2013!

Reading before bed. 
Starbucks in Steamboat

Chop House at DIA

Eating eggies at Moe's in my cool hat and jammers!

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