Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peace out....


Yay.  Take that!  For the first time in way too long I am officially hormone free. 

Don't get it twisted folks.  What I mean is man made hormones.  No more pills, no more shots, no more inserts or patches.  No more to prevent, no more to make .... just no more.

I don't know what this will bring or how things will roll out, but I am super excited. 

There are many of you who read this blog who know exactly what I am talking about when you have experienced fertility issues.  That stuff takes a toll.

Bye bye!  Just one example here....
(PS- some of you still need this- think about it, just sayin)
To those of you who are just now thinking or have just "pulled the goalie" with no birth control for hopes of a babe-  you also know what I am talking about.  Even as "simple" as birth control can seem- it also takes its toll. 

So maybe, if I am a little more bonkers than normal, you know why.  OR if you know me, you better tell me I am a little more bonkers than normal.  :) 

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