Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cliche... but, where does time go?

Oh hey.  HI.  Yes.  Shame shame.  I have been MIA. 

Where does the time go? I know.  It is fast and furious.  

I knew this and was reminded tonight when I logged onto my blog and saw I already had 3 blogs ready to go (not written just subject lined of things I knew we were getting ready to do).  I was prepping for the changes.  I was going to stay on top on them and be on top of my posts.  Alas, FAIL.  I did not.  So here I am focused at this moment on catching up on the one thing that has really shook our lives.  Something we never thought would or could happen.  Something I still cannot talk about that much. 

I will be sure to back track on all the funnies and changes that have been occurring in our lives, but for  now I need to take time for this.

Joe and I lost a friend a few weeks back.  He was my friend, but he was one of Joe's best friends, a co worker and a partner in crime. 

I find it incredibly unfortunate how we take this thing we call life for granted.  I find it sad it takes something so sad and tragic to make you step back and take a full and TRUE scan of where you are in your life.  How you are living your life.  How you CHOOSE to do this. 

We both (especially Joe and his friends) face a very sad weekend ahead saying good bye to a Warrior and a friend.  Please have Joe in your thoughts and prayers and remember to always take a step back and appreciate the people in your life.  See how much those people love and care for you.  Embrace that.  Love and live life to its fullest potential.  Take risks.  Be real. 

Thank you heavens above for my strong Husband, sweet Ninja, supportive family and truly over the top incredible friends.

Husband, Ninja & Kona - reading time is the best!

Oh this face.... it does help to make it all better!  ;)


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