Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One and Done

As promised, some updates about the happenings over the past month in our crazy lives! 

The title to this post pretty much sums it up. 

The concept of "One and Done" has become a reality for us. 

I know many will judge and honestly, I don't care.  Judge away, and while you do, take a moment to reflect on what we have been through to get here.  The emotional, physical and mental challenges were quite large.  They challenged all aspects of our everyday life.  I won't go on anymore though, either you choose to get it or you don't. 

First stop, Urologist!  Dr. D'A hooked us up with one of the best in Denver, even Joe would highly recommend him.

Not to worry, Dr. Jeremy Weis's office made sure we were totally informed before coming in by mailing us this handy pamphlet:

Here is where I age myself (and you do too)....  Do you remember the magazine "Highlights" as a kid?  Heck, maybe I am lucky and Highlights is still around?  Nonetheless, this pamphlet on getting a vasectomy reminded me of the old magazines I used to love to read.  Quite laughable actually.  I mean, last time I checked it is 2013.  You would think the vasectomy pamphlet making team could come up with a cover that wasn't so incredibly lame! 

I will spare you any additional vasectomy details and only report everything went well.

Second step (and the hardest): What do we do with our sweet embryos on ice? We got the paperwork in the mail about 3 months ago.  This was when the harsh reality of a decision set in. 

It wasn't easy.  The what to do piece was never something we thought we would have to do.  Yet, here we were faced with looking down the path of every possible option (and trust me, we did).  We weighed out all the pros and cons and actually really considered some things we never thought we would have in the past.  The conclusion we came to that was a clear win/win for us was donating our embryos to research.  It is our hope maybe- just maybe the research on our embryos will help another couple to get pregnant, stay pregnant, or something (anything) that results in the outcome of pregnancy due to the research.  

At the end of the day we feel honored we could donate to research in such a hard, yet very much needed way.

To quote my husband (on our situation and why it makes sense be to content with our perfect little Ninja boy):
"It's like winning the lottery on a Wednesday and going back Saturday and buying 100k in tickets. Why press your luck when everything you want is right in front of you?"


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