Thursday, March 14, 2013

2 month birthday & shots....

Owen's 2 month Birthday was Sunday.  His 2 month shots were Monday.  This made it not so much of happy birthday! 

So, lets start with the good stuff. Our boy is still a long, lean, healthy Ninja machine. He weighs 11 pounds and is 23.5 inches long. He is also very strong for his age (neck and legs). We got the ok from Dr. Bryan to start running with him in the BOB on the well paved paths around our house. This is great news for Joe. It is news I sort of dread because quite frankly I loathe running. I am going to try it on though. One day a week is going to be my new personal goal. You heard it here. This means I will be held accountable for doing so. 

Moving right along to the worst part of O's doctor appointment, yes, the shots.  I reached out to a few friends to see how their kid(s) handled them and did some online research.  I wanted to go in prepared (or at least feeling "prepared").   Hands down one thing everyone said that was spot on was it was far more worse on them than the babes because of their reaction. 

Even though he took it like a total Ninja we have never seem his face turn such a shade of angry/painful red.  The tears were instant and the scream was on the lower side volume wise- yet so painfully sad.  One shot in each leg and one orally.  Now here is my question.  It is 2013 and with all the amazing technology we have not come up with a way to make these vaccinations all oral drops??

PS- While the Spider Man band aids were cute, they didn't help at the same time.  ;)  Here is the only shot I could get of his sweet little legs and band aids (yes the tops of his legs were swollen until yesterday).

He calmed down really quickly and home we went to eat and get him some sleep.  We thought we were in the clear until about 7pm that night.  This is when shit hit the fan.  He was in so much pain.  Nothing we did helped.  If we barely even grazed his little legs it was painful.  Our hearts (and ears- ha ha) broke.  I contemplated giving him some infant Tylenol, but I know it can be damaging to their developing liver and digestive system.  We worked through it the old fashion way.  Around 4am he seemed to finally get into his first sound sleep.  Phew.  At 7am there wasn't much improvement.  The day got both better and then worse and continued into the evening and carried into the next day.  Some screams and some smiles.  We bought some Camilia which is an all natural product that soothes any aches and pains without potentially hurting any body parts.  I believe it has helped a little, but we have only used it a couple times.

So, here is my take bullet point style to Mom's that will be going through 2 month shots:
  • It sucks-  there is no other way to slice it
  • You may cry.  Whether it is from seeing your little one in pain or your broken ear drums after hours of crying on and off- it is ok and completely normal.
  • Letting them snuggle into you between screams is a must. 
  • Careful of their little legs, they really do hurt after the shots.
  • If you have the luxury of being with them the entire 2 days after their shots, please be with them.
  • Whether you are a Tylenol or Camilia person, have whatever you pick on hand (see, I don't judge).
  • If you like wine, have some on hand- ha!
  • Shots are not bad.  They just get a bad rap!  ;) 
Here is what O has to say about shots.... In his words:  "Caca"


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