Sunday, March 10, 2013

OH, that's what that is supposed to feel like...

Today for the first time in 9 months I was able to feel almost all my hand and arm.  Oddly enough the only thing I cannot feel still are my finger tips.  I will take it though.  It is a crazy cool feeling to have feeling back. 

Those little things we have day to day that we take for granted until they are gone.  So, I wanted to take this time to say there is a light at the end of this 'pregnancy induced carpal tunnel' and it looks bright!  Whoot! 

I am still incredibly tired.  This is not because my little ninja is a bad sleeper at all.  As a matter of fact he is a great little sleeper.  It is not because my husband does not help out, because he does more than most men.  It is just as simple as I haven't caught up.  I spent my entire pregnancy NOT being able to sleep.  Then once he got here I could sleep.  It was just a different sleep.  I can't sleep when he makes his cute little noises.  Though I know he is fine when he squeaks about while sleeping, it still sends you right out of bed to make sure everything is ok.  Some Mom's say you don't ever really get sleep in the same way ever again.....   I can see how this would be a true statement.
As far as the rest of my body, healing and returning back to (a new) "normal"-  all systems are go.  I feel good.  Sometimes I have new pains that pop up, but they never really alarm me as I expect that to go on for awhile.  I don't think we ever stop to realize how much happens to your body when you are pregnant.  Stuff gets weird.  Things move to places you never thought imaginable and things appear you never thought possible.  Alas.  All things now imaginable and possible. 
For example-  I am currently dealing with an outbreak on my arms that is a result of hormones leaving my body.  I have written only briefly about it before, but yes, it is still with me and not much better.  Next step dermatologist and yes, it is gross. 
I will save you the detail of things like my belly button that was once quite a cute innie, then an outtie, then no belly button to now.  Now that's some weird stuff. 
I am happy to be back to working out mildly.  I hope to ramp that up in the next couple weeks. 
I feel very lucky I did not get any stretch marks.  My incision is healing nicely and it is way to early to tell if it will be a big scar or not.  As I have said before, either way- I don't care.  O was all worth it. 
One of my fellow coworkers said today, "wouldn't you think after going through all the months of being pregnant, enduring the havoc on your body and birthing that once the baby was out we would have been given the gift of having our bodies magically return to their original state (if not better) for all our our sacrifice"....  I liked her style big time on this one. 

Cheers to stuff getting weird, body healing and returning to whatever the "new" shape may be! 
And maybe, just maybe I can come back like my lady Pink.  Oh hubba hubba girl! 


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