Saturday, September 29, 2012

Today I will fill my cup in this way.....

Thursday I took time in the morning to step away from everything and treat myself to a massage.  Not only am I way overdue for a massage, my body needs it now more than ever. 

This week my nausea, aches, swelling & overall puke feeling have been at an all time high.  The massage was wonderful and for exactly one hour I was able to just relax and let everything go.  Nothing hurt and the nausea ALMOST went away. 

Afterwards I thought of this quote "today I will fill my cup in this way" and committed to doing this exact thing more often.  We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our every day lives, this simple thing is so easily overlooked.  Yes, such a simple thing to do, it's just remembering to do it and following through. 

That afternoon Joe and I had an appointment with Dr. D'A for a check up.  Sadly, we were not able to see Dr. D'A as one of her patients had just gone into labor.  We were super bummed, but totally understood.  We got to meet with her Nurse Practitioner and male doctor in her office (both were really great). 

The Ninja is measuring right on track and his heart rate is strong and healthy.

We asked about everything my body continues to go through just to see if there were any remedies that we had not tried yet.  Sad to report- no such luck.  I was advised to sit back and power through.  My right hand stays numb now from fingers to elbow all day now.  I still continue to wear the brace at night so I am not woken up by the throbbing numbness, which works.  My face still looks like a 13 year old, nausea is relentless & I cannot breathe.  My left hand has started to swell throughout the day, but does not give me much trouble at night.  Oh and the sleep.  What sleep?  I am going to be so prepared for this kid if he isn't a sleeper!  If it isn't my aching ligaments, nausea, numb heel - left one only (yes you just read that right), or having to pee, it is this little Ninja having a party in my belly. 

Though the above is incredibly frustrating and I long to feel "normal" again, I am so happy and excited to meet this little Ninja.  I truly cannot wait.  His belly parties always make me smile even when they hurt.  It reminds me he is strong and healthy and that is number one!  Joe and I actually got to see the movement through my skin the other day- HOLY MOLEY! 

So for now, I find smiles as much as possible and promise myself to do more of "today I will fill my cup in this way" while I wait for sweet Ninja to arrive.  15 weeks to go peeps!  Not that this mommy is counting or anything!  haha 

I will leave you with a pic of more Ninja gear!  This reminds me, I better get working on his closet (Sarah G.- I am going to need your help)! 

Ready for football and baseball!  A Broncos gift from Daddy
and a Rockies gift from Auntie J-Dogs incredibly thoughtful Mom.

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