Monday, September 17, 2012


Today marks the first blog post of my new blog.  La Vida Loca.  I found this title fitting as our life is quite crazy.  Why sugar coat? 

If you have followed me here from STILL you know what that craziness is.  If you are new, please take time to check out the STILL blog.  This blog will always be near and dear to my heart.  It marks in history the journey that my husband and I have been on for the last few years with fertility issues.

The first picture on this blog is that of the Ninja.  This is one of the pictures from his 21 week photo shoot.  We are now into week 23 and kicking (literally) along.  This little Ninja miracle has inspired so many things taking place both before he was a miracle to now. 

I will start to post more and add more pictures to get this blog up and rolling.  Heck, some days I may just post about one of my 3 dogs.  See, La Vida Loca.... 

For  now, welcome and enjoy the ride. 

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