Sunday, September 23, 2012

Random acts of kindness

I was reminded this week how blessed I am to have so many kind, caring, fun, funny & all around great people in my life. 

The other day one of my TT graduates came to get her certification and with her she brought a gift for the Ninja.  I was speechless.  What an incredibly kind gesture.  She said, "I saw this and it was just too cute to pass up".  And she was right, check this out!!

Later in the week I was going through a 5 foot pile of mail (yes, I am really bad about going to the mailbox - our postman probably doesn't appreciate my lack of mail retrieving) & to my surprise FUN mail! A sweet card & gift card from one of my best friend from college. 

Thank you to everyone for phone calls and text messages, (I am quite bad on the phone now days- if you can believe that!), walks in the middle of the day, and the snack gifts. Thanks to my husband for floors being mopped and walking the dogs.  And most important, thanks to everyone for taking time to make me laugh so hard sometimes I am crying, cheeks ache and belly hurts!
It is because of you the crappy nausea and body pains don't hurt as much.  You make it go away with all your love and smiles.  The Ninja and I are so lucky! 

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  1. Yesterday Haylee spent the day in traffic running errands...old Haylee would have been Haylee...GOING WITH THE FLOW...I thank everyone too for making my wife PEACEFUL!